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01-Nov-2017 23:47

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The Romans minted except for standard coins also special „coupons“ – metal tokens called tesserae which were distributed during various occasions and served e.g. Specific tesserae from 1st century AD are valued erotic tokens called „spintriae“ [spintrije] which were originally coined from bronze. are known whereas numbers higher than 13 are very rare.

One side of the token depicts a love act – always a man with a woman, 2nd side bears the Roman numeral in a wreath. Nowadays we only anticipate why these tokens were coined.

The Greek Islands are a very popular holiday destinations. This beautiful island with only white houses is also the perfect place for your new profile picture!

The other islands like Santorini are beautiful too, but have less gay night life.

You can make a great combination with the capital Athens as well. It has many interesting places to see during the day, nice beaches, good restaurants and exciting gay night life in the weekends at night.

You can easily combine it with visit to Greek islands.

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Indeed, pictures of figures in obvious sexual positions are more valuable, e.g.Francesco Urbini decorated a comical majolica plate from 1530 - 1537 with the head composed of penises.

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